South Bend 2009

Organized by Jay Statzer
No rain this year!! The start time ws moved to 4:21pm so Jay could help Benton Harbor with their first annual Liberation Day rally. The event was just a march and a speech afterward. The PO's that were supposed to be at Seitz Park, to catch people who expected an earlier start, didn't show causing us to miss at least ten people, there were 25 people to march for our late start of 5:00pm. We marched along the East Race and came up the the streets to chant on some corners. Lot's of signups to help next year. No hassles or media.

South Bend 2008

Organized by Jay Statzer
The May 3 event was rained out with me and a couple volunteer showing early and braving the trasition from wind and drizzle into rain. I continued to hold down the fort until 7:00pm. No hassles but the wind. Rain date also rained out. You still can't bring out drums in the rain. PA system rocked out OK.

South Bend 2007

Organized by Jay Statzer, and Phil Lane
The May 5 event was rained out with Phil and one volunteer showing early and waiting until 5:30 or so. About an hour later 11 showed but with no leader they didn't stay for over an hour. The rain date for 2nd Tuesday after at Morris Civic Center was rained out also. You can't bring out drums in the rain.

South Bend 2006

Organized by Jay Statzer, and Eric
-Eric couldn't make it, one report of 11 participants that, without leadership, decided to split for the Cinco De Mayo event in the park accross the street.

South Bend 2005

Organized by Jay Statzer, and Eric
This event was the second attempt at the Rainbow Farm Memorial Drum Circle that drew around 50 participants. No police.

South Bend 2004

Organized by Jay Statzer, and Eric
This event was rained out, especially bad for drum based activism! 3 total for 1 hr. on rally day.
The rain date and Bicentennial Park location was used and resulted in a sustained attendance of over 35. Jay, back from Detroit, gave a speech over a subtle drum beat. The peak attendance was 65 for total of around 100 participants between 4:20pm and midnight. No police, no press.

South Bend 2003

Organized by Jay Statzer, Cures Not Wars
This was a new location for Liberation Day. Speakers and a blues band in Seitz Park by the St. Joe River from 2:00pm to 8:00pm. Average attendance of around 20 people with a peak participation of 35 at the end and a total of 80 throughout the day. 6 Peace Officers recruited. Shattered Lives display and free Cannabis Culture magazines distributed.
The event started late so by the time 4:20pm came there wasn't enough people to vote on the march so the march was skipped. Press not called out due to crowd nervousness, South Bend has never had a pot rally before. No police presence.


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